Cobb School Calendar

In February 2011, the Cobb County School Board asked the parents and teachers on which school calendar should be used for the 2011-12 school year. The option was a balanced calendar introduced in the 2010-11 school year or the traditional calendar used in the past. The balanced calendar was originally supposed to have a 3-year trial period which at this point hadn't even completed its first year. Over 72% of the responses were to keep the balanced calendar in place.  The four school board members below refused to listen to their constituents and voted against the balanced calendar.

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We would like to see the commissioners answer these questions.
  • Why create a 3-year trial period for a calendar if you are simply going to change it before the end of the first year?
  • Why ask the people of the county their opinion if you are just going to ignore them?
  • Who needs two more weeks off in the hottest part of the year?

Tim Stutlz

Alison Bartlett
Remember us during election time.

Since we don't like to listen to the people we were supposed to represent.

Kathleen Angelucci

Scott Sweeney